Laboratory Practical Experience

at Amiblu Holding GmbH


Your company

Amiblu is a global manufacturer of GRP pipe systems with it´s headquarters in Klagenfurt. The Amiblu Tech Centre is located in Norway. Here, around 60 colleagues from Amiblu Norway and Amiblu Technology research and develop new, improved methods and processes. The site in Norway forms the technological centrepiece of Amiblu, where new systems are planned and designed and in some cases even installed on other continents using Augmented Reality-technology. For your internship at the Amiblu Tech Centre, we not only offer you a top salary, but also cover all travel and accommodation costs.

Your location

The Amiblu factory is located approx. 10 minutes (by car) from Sandefjord town centre. However, the plant can also be reached by bus (approx. 27 minutes from the town hall). Sandefjord is a picturesque small town with around 65,000 inhabitants in the south of Norway and is located around 1 ½ hours (by car) or 130 km south of Oslo. The Norwegian capital is easily accessible by train in less than two hours for a weekend trip.

Your job

Depending on your talents, your internship at Amiblu will be either on laboratory or supporting R&D projects.

Your skills

  • Currently pursuing a degree in technical chemistry, physics, raw materials technology, mechanical engineering, or related.
  • Analytical Skills: Knowledge of analytical chemistry principles and techniques, including Soxhlet extraction and gas chromatography.
  • Quality Awareness: Ability to perform precise and accurate analyses, ensuring consistent and reliable results.
  • Communication: Effective written and oral communication skills for documenting results and interacting with colleagues.
  • Material Science Interest: Passion for materials science and its applications across various industries.
  • Analytical Thinking: Skill in identifying, analyzing, and solving analytical problems.
  • Fluency in English is required. (B2)

Please send your application in ENGLISH.

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