Mechanical Engineering

at Amitech Maroc


Your company

During your internship you will work at Amiblu, the global leader in the production of intelligent GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) pipe systems. Operating in 125 countries, our mission is to inspire a global appreciation for water. Specializing in manufacturing pipes and fittings from highly versatile GRP, Amiblu is committed to developing products that support responsible water management for the long term. Amiblu products ensure reliable transportation and storage of water for households, industries, and individuals. For your internship at Amiblu, we not only offer you a great salary, but also cover all travel and accommodation costs.

Your location

You will complete your internship at the Amiblu subsidiary, Amitech Maroc, in Morocco. The production facility is located approximately 43 kilometres from Casablanca, where GRP pipe systems are manufactured not only for the Moroccan market but also for the entire African market. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Morocco during your internship.

Your job

Are you a mechanical engineering student eager to gain hands-on experience? Join us as an intern and contribute to developing equipment for material recovery during application processes. Help optimize efficiency and make a real impact on industrial operations.

Your responsibilities:

  • Understand and clearly define the purpose and objectives of the machine aimed at separating and recovering fallen raw material during application processes.
  • Identify constraints, specifications, and performance requirements to ensure efficient operation.
  • Develop a detailed design for the selected concept, encompassing the overall layout and major components.
  • Create detailed drawings, specifications, and documentation of the machine to guide production and implementation.
  • Obtain approval from stakeholders, including production teams and management, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.

Your skills

  • Educational Background: Currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering or similar. Additional knowledge in electricity would be advantageous for comprehensive equipment design and integration.
  • Interest in mechanical design: A strong passion for mechanical engineering and design, with a desire to innovate in the field.
  • Analytical Approach: Ability to analyze needs, prioritize requirements, and focus on critical aspects to achieve optimal performance.
  • Communication Skills: Clear and efficient communication with production team members to facilitate seamless collaboration and understanding of design requirements.
  • Empathy for operators: Capacity to empathize with production operators to design user-friendly machines that enhance operational efficiency.
  • Languages skills: Fluency in French is required. Advanced knowledge of English is a great advantage.

Please send your application in ENGLISH.

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