With a passenger volume of 5 million passengers per year, the international airport John Paul II Krakow-Balice is the second largest in Poland. After extensive modernization in 2000, HOBAS was able to offer its products as early as 2003. In the current stage of expansion the airport operator decided on products from Amiblu and this for good reasons.
For the construction of a new, highly efficient rainwater sewer system, a combination of glass fiber reinforced continuous wound Flowtite Pipes and CC-GRP HOBAS pipes from Amiblu were selected.
On a total length of about six kilometers Flowtite pipes are installed as penstocks for the discharge of rainwater. At the same time, HOBAS pipes will be laid trenchless under the local provincial road and the A4 motorway (microtunneling), so the traffic will not be interfered during the construction period.
The ability to get two technologies from one supplier and the good experience with HOBAS from the past have convinced International Krakow Airport Authority of Amiblu.