As we are an energy-intensive group of companies, we are all the more committed to reducing our dependence on primary energy wherever possible and economically justifiable.

A year ago, we revitalized our power plant chain in the Görtschitz Valley and brought it up to the state of the art. In the future, 25% of w&p Zement’s electricity requirements will come from hydropower. In 2022, wood dust combustion was started at the Peggau lime plant with the aim of reducing both CO2 emissions and dependence on gas.  Further expansion steps at other lime plants are being planned in the near future.

At the same time, several large-scale PV plants went and are going into operation.

At our subsidiary Poloplast in Leonding, the first step was taken with a PV system on the roofs of the production halls: As of now, 240 MWh are to be supplied by the sun. Further expansion steps are planned.

It is no secret that the “Spanish sun” shines particularly intensively, so it was obvious that our GRP pipe production plant of Amiblu Spain in Camarles should also receive a PV system. With 665 MWh of power, about 27% of the plant’s electricity needs are supplied by the sun.

It is not difficult to guess that we will continue on this path as soon as possible, because it is only with great effort that we will be able to achieve the goals we have set ourselves towards climate neutrality.