w&p Kalk

w&p Kalk GmbH is a successful private company in the Austrian building materials industry and part of Wietersdorfer, operating internationally with more than 80 companies in the Cement, Pipes, and Industrial Minerals business segments. w&p Kalk GmbH is the operative holding company for all Wietersdorfer lime activities and is headquartered in Klagenfurt. Lime production takes place in the Peggau plant, north of Graz.



The lime activities of Wietersdorfer in Croatia are pooled together at INTERCAL d.o.o. INTERCAL d.o.o. is based in Sirac, where the main plant is also located. A second plant is located in Ličko Lešće, about halfway between Rijeka and Zadar.


IGM Zagorje

IGM Zagorje (Industrija Gradbenega Materiala Zagorje d.o.o.) is a company located in Zagorje ob Savi. IGM Zagorje has been a subsidiary of the Salonit Group for many years and has been part of w&p Kalk GmbH since 2014. The origins of the company date back to 1804, making this plant the “oldest” within the Wietersdorfer Group.


Lime Business Segment

The Lime business segment brings together all of Wietersdorfer’s lime-producing companies. Our hallmark is high quality and products tailor-made to meet our industrial clients’ specific demands. We produce them in as energy efficient and environmentally friendly a way as possible and constantly work on improving our processes. This has helped to make our plant in Peggau (w&p Kalk GmbH) among the most modern and advanced lime plants throughout Europe. We endeavor to leave the lowest possible CO2 footprint with our processes; therefore, we are also successively switching to CO2-neutral fuels.

“Not only do we supply our customers with high-quality limestone and lime products, we also provide innovative solutions. Sustainability, reliability and trustworthiness – alongside high operational flexibility – are the key factors to our success.”
Harald Braunecker, Managing Director of w&p Kalk GmbH

Calcitic and Dolomitic Limes from Slovenia and Croatia

The history of lime calcination in the Slovenian region of Zagorje, some 40 km east of Ljubljana as the crow flies, goes back over 200 years. Here, we produce calcitic and dolomitic limes for ecological and technological applications, as well as hydrated lime and lime paint. The Sirač lime plant in Croatia is specialized in producing dolomitic limes. These are used as high-quality additives in various steel production processes. As hydrated lime, dolomitic lime can also be processed very easily, making it very useful for building materials.

Wide range for Central and Eastern Europe

With four locations in the south of Austria, in central Slovenia as well as in Croatia, we can cover a large geographic area. Our calcite and dolomitic limes are used for a wide variety of applications ranging from agriculture and forestry to iron and steel, chemical, paper, and construction industries.

Intercal expands

As demand for lime products from Sirac exceeds the current kiln capacity, a second kiln will go into operation this year.
Two factors are crucial here:
1.) The worldwide bottleneck in the production of refractory products. Among those affected is the steel industry, which is aware of the issue and is focusing its attention increasingly on the lining (firebricks) of their furnaces. Dolomitic lime from Sirac is well suited for this purpose as it protects the lining of the furnaces (subject to technical processes), prolonging necessary inspection intervals and thus reducing costs.
2.) An entirely different topic, but no less important for the lime plant in Sirac, is the increased promotion of agriculture in the CEE region, which leads to an increased demand for fertilizer lime.