Amiblu Europe

Amiblu is the joint venture of two companies in the European GRP pipe market. Last autumn, the joint venture between Amiantit Europa and HOBAS Europa was finalised, resulting in Amiblu Holding GmbH.

O-tek Latin America

The O-tek group, whose success story dates back to 1995, is well established in the Latin American markets and stands for the highest quality and reliability in GRP pipe systems. With three production sites in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, O-tek has been part of the Wietersdorfer Group since August 2023.


Our headquarters in the US is in Houston, Texas. It all began over 30 years ago. Since our HOBAS plant was erected on the outskirts of Houston (TX, USA) in 1987, HOBAS pipes have been produced using centrifugal technology for over 30 years and are primarily sold in North America.

Amiblu – Future Water

The denser the population, the more our health, the wellbeing of our economies, and our environment depend on reliable piping systems: We need them for potable water supply, irrigation, sewage discharge, for road, tunnel, and bridge drainage, to convey water to and from industries, and for producing green energy. Not to forget about trenchless applications such as pipe rehabilitation and jacking, which are becoming increasingly important in densely populated areas.

“Everything we do is because we strive to have superior solutions to humanity’s most pressing issues such as water security, wastewater treatment, and other fundamental needs of urbanized human agglomeration.”
Wolfgang Stangassinger, Tomas Andersson, Michael Ausserwinkler, Board of Amiblu

The continuous pursuit of improvement …

We cannot and do not want to stand still; quite the contrary – our goal is to set new market standards. Innovation and the continuous pursuit of improvements are what drives our actions: from the choice of our raw materials to the further development of our technology to searching for new products with even better product properties. Our plants ensure that the end-products meet the highest customer requirements and are certified to a wide range of international standards. By cooperating internationally, we benefit from the knowledge of a large pool of GRP pipe experts. The resulting synergy effects are reflected in impressive projects and creative solutions – true to the HOBAS motto: “Make things happen”.

Core Corporate Values

Focusing on our customers and achieving the greatest possible benefit for them are top priority for us. We firmly believe that treating employees, customers and other market players fairly is the only way to remain successful in the market in the long term. Our values – decency, enthusiasm, responsibility, openness, and development – are not mere lip service for us; upholding values and achieving results do not contradict each other at HOBAS. They are what form the basis for taking our responsibilities seriously.

HOBAS Pipes USA – Pipes for Generations

Pipelines are one of the mankind’s most significant inventions in the face of steady growth and progress. The higher the population density, the more important functioning pipe systems are for health and well-being, for our economy and not least for our environment. Such pipelines transport water to and from households, irrigate arid areas, drain roads, tunnels, and bridges, are utilized in factories and to produce green energy. We know that when it comes to infrastructure investments, there are many considerations to be made and our customers know that with HOBAS solutions, their dollars are well invested on a longterm basis. It’s not just about today, it’s about tomorrow – the next generation.

Strong network for optimal solutions

The key to our success is our HOBAS / Amiblu network, which consists of production facilities and sales organisations in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia. Literally at any time of the day or night, we work worldwide to find optimal solutions for our customers and bring innovative new products to the market. The many years of experience of the two companies, with historically different technical expertise will allow us to break new ground and expand our future network.