Environmental guidelines

We undertake to adhere to all the environmentally relevant laws, regulations and regulatory requirements. Over and above this minimum standard, we constantly work on improving our environmental performance.

We strive to prevent or reduce the environmental impact as far as possible of the activities carried out at our production facilities by using the best available techniques not entailing excessive costs. The production processes for our products and all administrative procedures are evaluated in advance and continuously improved from an ecological and economic point of view.

We aim to purchase fuels and raw materials that conserve natural resources to a greater extent where their use is feasible both in terms of ecology and economy. To monitor and minimise environmental impact, above all in the area of airborne emissions and waste treatment, we implement environmental and waste management.

We encourage our employees to be environmentally aware in their actions and involve them in measures to improve environmental standards. To prevent emissions being released in the event of breakdowns or incidents, we created in-house organisational tools and inspect the condition of our plant and equipment at regular intervals in cooperation with the authorities and external experts.

We are open and direct in keeping our employees, neighbours, business partners and the authorities informed about our activities that are relevant to the environment and maintain a regular dialogue with them.
We aim to use the latest means of communication in advising our customers and the public on eco-friendly use of our products and demonstrating our environmental expertise to them. To review and document our defined goals, we implement the processes and methods in standardised quality and environmental management systems that have proved themselves in practice.

We have procedures in place to ensure that any third parties (e.g. sub-contractors, suppliers) working at our premises also comply with our environmental policy. These guidelines are examined and updated as necessary in the course of eco-audits and environmental management reviews.