Raw material based competence at its best

Think global,
act local.

  • We have been an Austrian family business for more than 125 years.
  • We operate in diversified, strong and independent business segments under the leadership of a lean strategic management holding.
  • We adhere to our mandatory house of governance, which provides structure through clear rules and procedures, and our code of conduct for all our business activities.
  • We are comitted to the regions in which we operate.

6 core values from the base of our Wietersdorfer corporate culture

We never compromise
on our values.

Result driven We set ourselves ambitious targets and provide supportive leadership.
Caring We work together in a fair, loyal, supporting and trustworthy manner.
Learning We stand for lifelong learning, innovative thinking and creativity.
Entrepreneurial We act bold and forward-looking, we are prepared to grow with the challenges of tomorrow.
Customer oriented We anticipate customer needs and strive for longterm collaboration.
Socially responsible We never compromise on moral, ethical, environmental and safety issues.

Raw material based competence at its best

Our goal We aim to be number one or two in the markets we operate.
Our task We provide many different applications in our diversified portfolio.
Our commitment We work hard to exceed our customer expectations.
Our asset We foster and trust in the knowledge of our highly skilled and motivated employees.
Our Effort We focus on international expansion as well as continuous improvement on the existing market.
Our plan We use the opportunities of megatrends such as digitalization and artificial intelligence.

We believe in the benefits of the circular economy

Through our inno­vative, high-quality products we enable our customers to deliver superior products and project solutions.

Wietersdorfer – our world

Today and tomorrow.

Vision Raw material based competence at its best.
Mission Through our innovative, high-quality products we enable our customers to deliver superior products and project solutions.
Values We never compromise on our values.
Vision – Mission – Values

As Wietersdorfer, we thrive from the trust of our stakeholders in the performance and integrity of all employees.
The Code of Conduct outlines ethical and moral principles as well as our in-house guidelines –
adhering to them is our highest priority.

Code of Conduct

We have developed a Code of Conduct for EVERYONE at Wietersdorfer, regardless of national borders, culture and language. It outlines the  basic values for our employees, which we expect them to respect and live by when working with others, whether inside or outside the company.

Our actions – both internal and external – are aimed at guaranteeing the Group’s existence in the long term and are characterized by fairness, responsibility and integrity in general, and in particular by the following principles. These fundamental values form the basis of our activities in all the various business, regulatory and cultural settings in which we are involved.

  • Compliance with laws
  • Safety
  • Equality
  • Environmental protection
  • Competition
  • Mutual consideration
  • Focus of our actions
Code of Conduct