Sustainably on the road to success Years

For more than sixty years, POLOPLAST has found innovative answers to technological questions involving plastic pipe systems. Intelligent systemic solutions in and around building services and civil engineering have helped the company to develop from a regional Upper Austrian niche supplier to one of the leaders in the European pipe industry. In 1955, the Wietersdorfer group acquired a 50% share in POLOPLAST, since 1997, the company has been a 100% subsidiary of this group.

Lines of Business

POLOPLAST develops and produces high-performance plastic pipe systems for a multitude of applications. Modern building services engineering, particularly issues such as energy-efficient construction and comfortable living conditions, are in the focus of the business line “Structural Engineering”. Hydraulic structures for sanitary engineering are the main focus in the civil engineering business line. Here, POLOPLAST is the partner of infrastructure, sewage and water supply boards.


Jointly develop visions, transform ideas into reality, and conquer new technological territory: POLOPLAST’s history of innovation has been written by their employees. With flexibility and creativity, passion and commitment, they forge new paths. They seek progressive and market-oriented solutions, which the customers accept with enthusiasm, and optimize products and services. PURE PROGRESS – POLOPLAST’s inventive spirit in two words. PURE PROGRESS is not just a slogan but the unrestricted commitment to our corporate innovative strength that signals the way to the future, both to our employees and our customers.


Innovative plastic pipe systems in building services and civil engineering have helped POLOPLAST to develop from a regional niche supplier to one of the leading European plastics specialists. A history of success, impressively proved by an export quota of more than 60%. From its headquarters in Leonding (Upper Austria) POLOPLAST supplies its products to Austria and Germany, to France, Italy and Scandinavia. It is the company’s aim to continue to increase its international share and to open up new markets.

Leadership in innovation and technology

The high performance of POLOPLAST’s pipe systems is based on decades of experience in the multi-layer technology and its continuous further development. Hardly any other pipe manufacturer has so frequently set new standards in building drainage and so decisively influenced the world of its brands. POLO-KAL®, probably the most well-known brand of pipe systems, was introduced to the market in 1957 and has become an embodiment of quality in building drainage. POLO-KAL XS®, the highly sound-insulating three-layer technology of the most recent generation, has marked an entirely new era. POLO-KAL XS® is the most lean plug-in system in the world, and the quietest one in its class. Unique: The socket with its factory-inserted seal provides optimum assembly safety.

Innovative plastic pipe systems

POLOPLAST specialises in the development and manufacture of multi-layer pipes made of polypropylene according to the latest techniques. POLOPLAST plastic pipe systems comply with the highest market and quality demands and represent safety, reliability, longevity, recycling, sustainability and first-class service. A large share is used in classic building drainage systems of single- and multiple-family houses. Moreover, POLOPLAST implements spectacular projects, such as Austria’s most modern soccer arena, the Allianz Rapid soccer stadium in Vienna, or the refurbishment of the sewage system in Mont Saint-Michel, a World Heritage site in France.

In order to be successful it is necessary to understand the point of view of the other person.
Konstantin Urbanides, CFO POLOPLAST


The creation of additional economic value and sustainability represent the two sides of the same coin to POLOPLAST. Striving for values is not a passing fashion but has been a lively part of POLOPLAST’s corporate culture for more than sixty years. It strengthens the company’s growth, improves our cost-efficiency, minimizes risks and more and more develops into an objective, transparent and forward-looking competitive advantage. Success, partnership, innovation, resources, identification and team spirit (SPIRIT) – these are the corporate values that our strategy of sustainability implements and fills with life. For POLOPLAST does not only speak about sustainability, but everyone, from the management to the employees, lives it.

A great team, great products, great partners, a common SPIRIT and the passion for innovation that unites us all – that’s POLOPLAST.
Alice Godderigde, CEO POLOPLAST

Our employees guarantee our success

It is the employees who give POLOPLAST its identity, credibility and solidarity. Their variety and versatility determine our corporate culture; their commitment and inventiveness bear innovation and sustainable growth. Performance recognition, the shared feeling that the work has a purpose, the creation of additional value, clear management principles, open-mindedness in communication, mutual respect: these are the values POLOPLAST is committed to: Employees are proud of “their” company and love to work at POLOPLAST.

Apart from an interesting and forward-looking workplace, POLOPLAST offers a comprehensive employee and organisation development programme. The employees’ high level of qualification is one of the pillars of POLOPLAST’s innovative strength, and their achievements are the source of the successful future of the company.