Wietersdorfer Group once again awards internships abroad to students

In summer 2024, six internships will be available in six countries of the Group for prospective technicians and economists – this year they can also go to Africa and Central America.


With the GO INTERNATIONAL internship program, the Wietersdorfer Group is once again recruiting motivated and bright minds at domestic and international universities this year. “Our international initiative offers six young technology and business students a kick-start to their careers,” says Michael Junghans, CEO of the Wietersdorfer Group. With the GO INTERNATIONAL internship program, the group of companies, which produces building materials and pipes at a total of 40 locations worldwide and sells them in 110 countries around the world, offers top-class summer jobs: great projects for the students, good pay and travel and accommodation costs are covered by the company. The internships are set up at Wietersdorfer Group subsidiaries in Spain, Slovenia, Mexico, Morocco, Norway and Austria. For the first time, an internship in Austria is also aimed at students from Italy and Slovenia. For all internships, we are looking for students from Bachelor years from the 4th semester onwards or Master years from a wide range of technical and business fields. Students can apply from now until March 10, 2024 at https://www.wietersdorfer.com/go-international/.

Six countries – six internships
A total of six internships will be available in summer 2024 at the sites of Wietersdorf subsidiaries Alpacem, Amiblu, InterCal and O-tek. Amiblu, for example, specializes in GRP pipe systems and is involved in the construction of drinking water and wastewater systems around the world. A particular highlight this year is the internship at the Wietersdorf subsidiary O-tek in Mexico. O-tek is one of the leading manufacturers of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes in Latin America and has been part of the Wietersdorfer family since August 2023.