Yesterday, Wietersdorfer laid the foundations with its cement production activities.

The Wietersdorfer family business was founded 125 years ago and has already entered its fifth generation. The company is proud of its success story: from a small cement plant in the Görtschitz valley, it grew to become a large, international industrial company in the building infrastructure sector. The company went through turbulent times, during which the world was repeatedly shaken to its very foundations. But thanks to courage, skill and determination, Wietersdorfer was able to master every challenge, overcome difficult times and make crucial advances over the years.
There are a number of key factors for a company’s success. One essential factor is maintaining good relations between the company and its employees. Wietersdorfer stands out for its commitment towards its employees on the one hand and the staff’s loyalty towards the company on the other. Even though it has increased in recent years, the fluctuation rate is low: a sign of good relations between the company and its employees.

Today, the company is divided into five business segments:

Cement & Concrete: Cement has been produced in Wietersdorf for the last 125 years. Starting out at just a few tonnes per day, production output increased over the years to several thousand tonnes per day. Approximately one hundred years after the company was founded, vertical integration was launched in 1994, with the start of the ready-mix concrete business. Today’s igm d.o.o. was founded in 1805, making lime the de facto oldest business within the Group. However it has only been part of Wietersdorfer since 1994, following the takeover of Steirische Montanwerke. Pipe production also has a long tradition at Wietersdorfer. The company has been producing pipes since 1931. Not just the processes have changed since that time, but also the materials. Today, we distinguish between GRP pipe systems (glass-fibre reinforced plastic pipes) manufactured by Amiblu and HOBAS, and PP pipe systems (polypropylene plastic pipes), produced by Poloplast. The latest business segment is industrial minerals, represented by Calcit.

Tomorrow, we will profit from our values.

We are aware that our world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, while some factors, such as fairness and trust, remain constant. This is why these qualities form a deeply rooted and integral part of our values.
We know what the requirements of the future will be: maximum flexibility, early identification of potential and proactiveness. This is the only way in which we can actively shape our future. We are aware that these requirements are the responsibility of both management and every employee. Innovation and a pioneering spirit, as displayed by our 19th century founders in the Görtschitz valley, are fundamental requirements for achieving our vision: 200 years of Wietersdorfer. Not for us, but for future generations.