Calcit – the calcium carbonite specialist

Calcit d.o.o. is based in Stahovica near Kamnik, about 30 km north of Ljubljana. In 2006, Wietersdorfer acquired a share in the business which now employs around 220 employees.
Calcit d.o.o. is a manufacturer of fillers made of calcium carbonate, granules and sands. The products are of particularly high purity and feature a very high degree of whiteness. This allows a wide range of applications for high quality products. To name just a few sectors, Calcit products are used in the paper, plastics and glass industries, in agriculture and the building materials industry – particularly in façades. Medium term plans hope to tap into the customer potential in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

From rough stone to a special product

Calcit obtains the raw material, marbled limestone, from two quarries. The special features of the stone are its exceptional purity and high degree of whiteness, which enable a wide range of high quality products to be manufactured for the chemical, paper and rubber industries. One quarry is located in Stahovica, in the immediate vicinity of the production plant and headquarters, while a second quarry is located about 15 kilometers from Gospic (Croatia). The raw material is then ground in two grinding stages (dry grinding and wet grinding) with the addition of various additives, into pigments, which are then used as a filler in graphic papers, newspaper printing and many other applications. The CaCO3 (= GCC ground calcium carbonate) produced by Calcit enjoys a markedly better price-performance ratio compared to the precipitated CaCO3 (= PCC precipitated calcium carbonate).

Calcit – a modern, dynamic company

First-class products, responding quickly to market requirements, and the ability to adapt to the needs and desires of consumers are just a few of the ingredients of a company’s recipe for success.
Calcit possesses these in abundance and is also a modern and dynamic company, aware that high-end results go hand-in-hand with a great working environment that motivates employees to creativity and performance. Employer branding is practiced at Calcit, and this is reflected in both internal and external relationships. The company works to create a deep relationship with the local community, supporting a variety of sports clubs and striving to integrate the site into the environment in the best possible way. This creates mutual trust and makes it possible to recruit loyal, ambitious employees to maintain the excellent standards that Calcit’s customers expect.