InterCal Austria GmbH is the operational holding company of the Business Segment Lime and one of the the Wietersdorfer Group’s around 70 successful companies. Limestone has been mined at the Peggau site for more than 125 years and has been burned in two shaft kilns since 1900. The lime plant became part of the Wietersdorfer Group during the course of the takeover of Steirische Montanwerke in 1994.
Today, lime is produced in a highly modern and energy-efficient GGR Maerz kiln.
Lime is burned in Peggau for numerous industries and applications. In civil engineering, lime is used in various compositions for soil stabilisation and in road construction. In building construction lime is used – mainly as hydrated lime for plasters and mortars.
In environmental protection, lime is used in the treatment of drinking and industrial water and in waste gas purification. For agriculture, InterCal Austria produces carbonated lime, burnt lime and mixed lime for conditioning soil or as a feed additive. In the industrial sector, which is also the largest area of application, the steel and paper industries are major customers for burnt lime. Since lime is very versatile in its properties and possible applications, these are merely a few examples of the wide range of application areas.

The lime activities of Wietersdorfer in Croatia are operated under the company InterCal Croatia d.o.o. The company ownership was transferred from Salonit d.d. to w&p Kalk GmbH (now InterCal Austria GmbH) in 2011 in order to bundle all lime activities within the Wietersdorfer Group and to better utilise synergies.
InterCal Croatia d.o.o. is based in Sirač, where the main plant is also located. A second plant is located in Ličko Lešće halfway between Rijeka and Zadar. The company has almost a unique selling point with its dolomitic limestone deposits, as this product is particularly sought after by the steel industry for process-related reasons. As hydrated lime, dolomitic limestone is characterised by very good processability as a building material.

InterCal Slovenija is based in Zagorje ob Savi, about 60 kilometres east of Ljubljana. The history of InterCal Slovenija dates back to 1804. InterCal Slovenija became part of the Wietersdorfer Group in the broader sense in the course of its acquisition by Salonit d.d. in 2005; since 2014 it has been a subsidiary of today’s InterCal Austria GmbH.

Today, InterCal Slovenija produces calcitic and dolomitic limes for ecological and technological applications. The quicklime is intended for the steel industry, for the production of aerated concrete blocks and for wastewater treatment. Hydrated lime and slaked lime for building construction are also produced in Zagorje. Apnenec d.o.o., which belongs to InterCal Slovenija, is both a raw material supplier for the parent company and a producer of limestone and limestone meal for industrial and agricultural applications.