The Wietersdorfer Group is looking for motivated students who want to gain practical experience in modern industry and thus expand their skills under the motto “Go International”. To this end, the company is awarding a total of five exciting internships abroad at its sites in Germany, France, Croatia, Norway and Slovenia in the summer of 2022.
Young talents are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the current challenges of marketing, market analysis, quality and environmental management, as well as plant optimization and research, and to work on the development of innovative solution strategies themselves. The offer is addressed to students from the fields of economics and engineering.
“International experience is now an essential part of a comprehensive professional education. That’s why we are pleased to offer young and motivated people the chance of a high-quality internship abroad with ‘Go International’. After all, in the final analysis, it is not only the students themselves who benefit from this, but also our companies in the longer term through well-trained junior staff,” explains Michael Junghans, Managing Director of the Wietersdorfer Group.

An unique opportunity to be at the forefront
The internships are completed at the sites of the Wietersdorf subsidiaries Amiblu, Salonit Anhovo and InterCal, which enjoy an excellent reputation as internationally successful companies in their respective industries: Amiblu, for example, is a specialist in GRP piping systems and is involved in the construction of drinking water and wastewater systems around the globe. Salonit Anhovo is now regarded throughout Europe as one of the cleanest producers of cements and binders, having recently opened Slovenia’s first hydrogen filling station at its production site. As a company with over 200 years of history, InterCal is in turn involved in the Alpe Adria region in the environmentally friendly extraction of lime products for the steel and chemical industries, agriculture, and the paper and construction sectors.
And to make sure that leisure time fun is not neglected: All company locations are ideally situated for exploring either within reach of larger cities such as Paris, Oslo and Neubrandenburg or close to charming countryside with many leisure opportunities.

For more information on the individual internships abroad, see the “Go International” menu item.

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