In 2018, some Wietersdorfer teams again took part in the engagement days of the network “Verantwortung Zeigen” (Show Responsibility). It has already tradition that employees of Wietersdorfer serve for a good cause. Teams from four to seven people offer clients from nonprofit organizations and children of the “SOS Kinderdorf” (SOS Childrens’s Village) a wonderful day that should last in their memory. All this with an organizational support from Mrs. Iris Strasser and her team of the network “Verantwortung Zeigen”. It is our intention to put a smile on the face of those less fortunate. In 2018, some employees of Wietersdorfer went to the SOS Kinderdorf to paint their rooms and they also renovated the “Beerenhügel”(raspberry bed). In 2017, another team baked cookies with “Lebenhilfe” clients and many more actions were organized with Hilfswerk, Diakonie and others. Since 2010, Wietersdorfer showed gladly responsibility in 27 projects. For Wietersdorfer success is a symbiosis of profitable economies, sustainable production and social responsibility for the society.