WIG increased its share from 25,1% to 50% by May 25th 2018. Today the Wietersdorfer Holding and the Family Kirn hold 50% each of Calcit. This cooperation under the lead of Kirn Management opens new opportunities in the European market. Being a successful company with a turnover of 100 million Euros plus it will be able to invest significantly in R&D in order to fulfill its customer expectations.

Calcit has two production sites, one in Kamnik app. 30 Kilometers north of Ljubljana and one in Gospić in Croatia close to the Dalmatian Coast. Calcit produces refined calciumcarbonate for the paper industry, for plastic industry and dye industry. Most important is the paper industry which generates more than two thirds of Calcits turnover followed by plastic and dye industry. Calcit exports in 21 countries whereas Germany is by far the major market followed by Austria.