w&p Zement GmbH operates two sites in Austria – Wietersdorf (Carinthia) & Peggau (Styria) – and is the successor company to Wietersdorfer Cementwerke Phil. Knoch & Cie, which was founded in 1893. Development of the Cement & Concrete business segment originated in Wietersdorf.
Today, w&p Zement is the regional manufacturer of cement, binding agents and aggregates in southern Austria. The specialised plants are constantly undergoing further developments. A fully integrated cement plant is operated in Wietersdorf and a cement mill and a binder mixing plant in Peggau.
w&p Zement produces around 20 different types of cement and binding agents. w&p’s flexibility, its focus on the customer and its comprehensive competence in construction materials make it a reliable partner for the local (construction) industry.

The Wietersdorfer Group entered the Slovenian market successively, starting in 1990, by means of a multi-stage acquisition of shares in Salonit Anhovo,d.d. Salonit has been producing cement since 1921. As part of the business segment Cement & Concrete, it is the leading manufacturer of cement, cement clinker, binding agents and aggregates in Slovenia and neighbouring parts of Italy today.
In recent years, Salonit Anhovo has continuously invested in modern technical equipment. A fully integrated cement plant is operated in Anhovo (Slovene Littoral, Nova Gorica) and a cement terminal in Ljubljana.
Salonit Anhovo produces standard cement and special cement types such as DURASAL and GEODUR. The latter is certified for special applications in the oil and gas industry.

In 1993, the company entered the Italian market, laying the foundations for today’s Cement & Concrete business segment in the Alpine-Adriatic Region. w&p Cementi SpA originated from Siprem S.pA., which was acquired in 1997 and expanded to include the Cadola plant in 2014. Today, w&p Cementi SpA is responsible for activities on the Italian market.
w&p Cementi SpA operates a cement mill in Cadola (Veneto) and a terminal with a binder mixing plant in San Vito al Tagliamento (Friuli-Venezia Giulia). In addition, w&p Cementi purchases products from the other two manufacturing companies in the Group, Salonit Anhovo and w&p Zement.
In cooperation with the other Group cement plants, w&p Cementi S.p.A. offers a wide range of products, all of which fully meet the requirements of the Italian market in terms of quality, technologies and expertise.