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Code of Conduct

Our actions – both within the company as well as outwardly – have the aim of guaranteeing the long-term existence of our company and are in general characterized by Fairness, Autonomy and Integrity and in particular by the guidelines set out in the following. These fundamental values form the framework of our activities in the various economic, regulatory and cultural settings in which we are involved.

We have developed a Code of Conduct for EVERYONE at Wietersdorfer, regardless of national borders, culture and language. It sets out basic values for our employees, which we expect them to respect and live by when working and dealing with other people, both in and outside the company.

Our actions – both internal and external – are aimed at guaranteeing the Group’s existence in the long term and are characterized by decency, responsibility and integrity in general, and by the following principles in particular. These fundamental values form the basis of our activities in all the various business, regulatory and cultural settings in which we are involved.

In all we do, we comply with laws, ethical and moral standards and intra-group guidelines. Compliance with human rights is for us a matter of course.

Occupational safety, health and product safety are of major importance to us.

We are committed to appreciative working and actions free from any kind of discrimination and advocate equal opportunities in every respect.

It is entrenched within the company’s ethos to treat the environment and its resources in a careful and responsible manner at the production, transport and in all the activities of our daily lives.

Each decision is made by us on the basis of reliability, integrity and fair competition.

We treat our customers, business partners and colleagues with dignity and respect, we undertake to carefully manage our company’s assets and both distance ourselves from and strongly oppose unlawfully offered advantages.

Customer orientation and the very best interest of our company are the prime principles guiding our actions.

Code of Conduct