HOBAS PipeLine 2/2015, grabenlose Verlegung unter einer Eisenbahnstrecke

Railway Polen mRes

Dear Reader,

laying projects involving railways ask for special logistical and safety measures: The train schedules should not be affected and of course passengers must be guaranteed a safe journey regardless of the construction works.

What sounds like an enormous challenge are just the right conditions for a trenchless installation with HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking Pipes. Over the past years, numerous fascinating projects below rail tracks have been successfully realized with high-performance HOBAS Pipes. And thanks to the increasing specification by official railway institutions all over the world, most recently in the US, there are definitely many more to come.

Enjoy reading this new HOBAS PipeLine!

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Your HOBAS PipeLine Team

1502_HOBAS PipeLine_Railway Jacking