Joint Venture HOBAS & AMIANTIT finalized


The closing of the joint venture between HOBAS Pipes International and Amiantit Europe was legally finalized on 31st August with the entry of AMIBLU® Holding GmbH in the company’s register. Although both companies have been and still are active on the European market with GRP pipes and moldings, their focuses differ. The former AMIANTIT Europe manufactures pipes under the brand name FLOWTITE, using the continuous advancing mandrel process. In this process, continuous and chopped glass fibers are constantly and circumferentially applied to reinforce the steel core. HOBAS, on the other hand, mainly produces centrifugally cast (CC-)GRP pipes; whereby, reinforcing glass fibers, thermosetting resins and sand quartz are compressed into a fast rotating mold. In both companies, component moldings (e.g., for water tanks, couplings etc.) and so-called NC pipes (non-circular) pipes are produced. The new company AMIBLU® has around 1,470 employees at 7 production sites in 5 countries and generates an approx. annual turnover of EUR 200 million.