IGM Zagorje

A Salonit d.d. Group subsidiary, IGM Zagorje (Industrija Gradbenega Materiala Zagorje d.o.o.) is part of the Lime business unit for administrative purposes.

IGM Zagorje can look back on a 200-year tradition of lime burning. The company is located about 40 km due east of Ljubljana near Zagorje on the River Sava. Today IGM produces calcitic and dolomitic lime.

It sells various different kinds of lime, mainly for ecological and engineering purposes. Quicklime is required in the iron and steel industry, in manufacturing autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and wastewater treatment. In Zagorje hydrated lime and lime paint are also produced. Other products available include coarse and fine lime mortar and limestone powder, the latter for use in farming and forestry.