Salonit Anhovo d.d. – Zement

Cement has been produced at the Anhovo plant since 1921. In recent years, the Salonit cement plant has invested a great deal in modernising the entire production facility. The aim was to increase capacity while reducing power consumption per production unit. Here they attached particular importance to taking environmentally relevant measures into consideration, i.e. in addition to installing filter systems they also created the basis for using substitute fuels to a greater extent in the future – both to conserve resources and reduce the impact on the balance of trade.
In 2009, Salonit Anhovo completed the 75-million-euro investment phase and now ranks among the global leaders in ecology and economy.
Salonit produces standard cement types to international standards as well as special cements such as SALODUR and GEODUR. The latter is suitable for special applications in the oil and gas industries and resisting chemical attack. In addition, Salonit also produces the Maltit line – semi-finished products (masonry mortar and screeds).