w&p Beton GmbH is responsible for the concrete activities in w&p Zement GmbH. It consists of four concrete companies (directly affiliated) and an interest in a fifth company through a subsidiary (see also With the plants in the Graz area (Lannach and Peggau), Klagenfurt and Gröbming, w&p Beton covers the regional markets. The company and its subsidiaries primarily produce ready-mixed concrete to Austrian standard ÖNORM B4710-1. In addition, we also produce ready-mixed concrete to various specifications (e.g. Austrian Society for Concrete and Construction Technology (ÖVBB) guidelines, RVS, etc.) or the customer’s own recipe. Our mixing plants are state of the art. Continuous in-house monitoring and quality control by government authorised testing laboratories ensure the consistently high quality of our products.

w&p Zement – Beton

Lannach Beton GmbH

In 2005, w&p GmbH continued its expansion strategy in the area of ready-mixed concrete by acquiring a 50 percent share in Lannach Beton GmbH. The dry mix concrete company located in the south of Graz now jointly held by Wietersdorfer and Assamer Group.

Mobilbeton GmbH

A regional ready-mixed concrete supplier in the Klagenfurt area, Mobilbeton GmbH has also been operating a modern concrete mixing facility in the north of Graz since mid-2011.

Fertigbeton GmbH

Fertigbeton GmbH & Co. KG was established in 1971. May 1994 saw Wietersdorfer acquiring the majority of the company’s shares. Fertigbeton currently operates a ready-mixed concrete facility in Gröbming and a sand, gravel and aggregate plant in Buchau.

Cerne & Transportbetonring

Cerne was founded by Alois Cerne in Feldkirchen, Carinthia, in 1895. Before and between the wars, the company ran a traditional concrete plant. In the 1970s Cerne relocated to a new site in the industrial zone. It now employs some 90 people at the premises covering an area of 5 hectares with 10,000 square meters of factory and office space.

Pustertal Beton GmbH

Since April 2012 Pustertal Beton has been an independent limited company with four plants and two gravel pits. Business focuses on supplying quality concrete throughout the Pustertal and adjacent valleys from Mühlbach to Lienz (Austria).